Pitch (Day1) Sandra Marinho – Teaching Multiplatform Journalism

Panel (Day1) Harry Browne – What’s wrong with this picture?

Panel (Day1) Mirjam Prenger – Modelling scenarios for journalism and media education

Key note (Day2) Mark Deuze – Media Life and Work as a Challenge to Media Education

Pictch (Day2) Leena Ripatti-Torniainen – Integrating theoretical and working life studies

Pitch (Day2) Judith Popken – Search for the ultimate blend

Pitch (Day2) Monique Hamers – Nimbin. Classroom without walls

Pitch (Day2) Txema Egaña – interdisicplinary Challenge Based Learning

Workshop (Day2) Mayel Ruyters & Lucienne Kleisen – If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen

Workshop (Day2) Majel Ruyters & Lucienne Kleisen – If it doesn’t spread it’s dead.

Panel (Day2) Susanne Kirchhoff – Who are our students

Panel (Day2) Bernadette Kesters & Isabel Awad – Dutch Journalism Students: shifting motivation, role perceptions and preferences.

Panel (Day2) Michael Harnischmacher – Believe in me