“Trial and Error: media education in a changing media world.”
Fontys University of Applied Sciences, School of Journalism
May 18/19 2017
Spoorzone, Tilburg, The Netherlands

At the Trial & Error conference, scholars and educators in the field of media discussed how to prepare students for an increasingly complex media field. We have to switch from telling ‘how the world is’, to training ‘how to relate to a constantly changing world’. Not only do we need to keep up with ongoing innovation, we need to contribute to innovation as well as foster professional legitimacy in a converging media field. Just as innovation, so is media education in the 21st century a process of trial and error.

Click here for an overview of the presentations and here for pictures and video’s of the conference.

Thank you very much for your participation!

Organising committee
Harmen Groenhart Fontys University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
Michael Harnischmacher University of Passau, Germany
Pilar Sánchez García Universidad de Valladolid, Spain