DAY ONE – Thursday 18 May
13:30 – 15:00 Workshop (parallel): hands-on training using tools for storytelling

How to choose your workshop? More about the content of each training

  1. Simple infographics

There are several tools with which you can easily visualise data and make infographics. In this workshop, we will introduce you to a few.

Homework: try to monitor something in your life for at least one day. Think about what people do on trains, what you have eaten on a day and  what shirt clothes people on the conference wear. Write it down and bring it to the workshop.

  1. Longreads and scrollytelling

Ever wondered how The Guardian creates beautiful interactive longreads? There are tools for that! We will introduce you to the online tool Atavist in which you tell a (longer) story using text, video, photo and audio.

Homework: Think about the most impressive, beautiful or sad story of your life and bring 4 pictures that have anything to do with that story.

See during the workshop: for a manual

  1. Timelines

Bullets points to show the development in time of a certain story are very old fashioned! There are tools available to tell the history of something.

Homework: Find information about the life of your superhero.

Choose, do your homework and take your laptop with you